01. Her tennis [technique] has improved a lot since she began taking private lessons.
02. She shows great promise as a ballet dancer, but her [technique] still needs a fair bit of work.
03. Li-Ping has visibly improved her painting [technique] as a result of taking an art course last summer.
04. Martha Graham once observed that great dancers are not great because of their [technique]; they are great because of their passion.
05. The American showed excellent [technique] in the skating competition, but his performance wasn't very artistic.
06. Improvements in agricultural [techniques] have contributed significantly to an overall decline in mortality.
07. According to Georg Simmel, urbanites cope with high levels of stimulation by developing filtering [techniques].
08. Operations on animals helped to develop organ transplant and open-heart surgery [techniques].
09. There are many different [techniques] which one can use to practice relaxation, such as meditation or yoga.
10. A Russian Olympic wrestler developed a [technique] which was so good that now everyone uses it, and it has even been named after him.
11. Einstein once remarked that concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all [technical] endeavors .
12. The instant replay became a standard [technique] in television sports beginning in 1964.
13. I haven't quite figured out the proper [technique] for doing a roll in my kayak yet.
14. She teaches a number of relaxation [techniques] to help patients deal with the pain of their illness.
15. In Burundi, whispered singing is a [technique] of singing quietly enough to allow for the soft sounds of the traditional instruments to be clearly heard.
16. Punishment may be considered an effective [technique] for suppressing undesirable behavior in principle.
17. The piano music of Felix Mendelssohn demands a very fluent [technique].

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